About Me

Tina Bell Wright, Ph.D.

Sociologist, Hip Hop educator, strategist, media analyst, writer, Cap, realist, Black & proud, lover of music, life & people.

BIO: KRISTINE (TINA) WRIGHT IS AN educator/sociologist, specializing in African American studies, social stratification (race, class, and gender), urban education, media, and popular culture. She received her doctorate in sociology from the University of California, Irvine in 2005 and is currently a tenured faculty member at Los Angeles Southwest College. She has taught for 20 plus years at all levels of the California public school system: K-12, community colleges, California State University and the University of California. Dr. Wright is a noted commentator and has been invited to speak at numerous events to discuss hip hop, race, class, gender, media, youth political mobilization, and social justice more broadly. Dr. Wright is a board member for Hip Hop Congress, and joint owner of JOLO Investments, LLC. She also serves as administrator and co-trustee for Urban Teachers Network, a 501(C)3 charity.