Community Assistance Program (CAP)


Community Assistance Program

UTN has established the community assistance program (CAP) to promote UTN pillars. Our CAP mission is to assist and empower service-minded individuals and organizations at the local level.

Our CAP awards will be granted to individuals, organizations and/or programs that promote:

  • Culturally Responsive Curriculum and Hip Hop Pedagogy
  • Community Activism and Artivism
  • Media Literacy

The UTN trust will consider donation and award requests on a continual basis, with funds being awarded twice a year. Nominees must be recommended for the donation/award by a UTN financial sponsor/supporter.

Award categories:

  • Service Awards (individuals)
  • Organization Donation Awards

Amount request is open to applicants. Award amounts will depend on number of applicants selected for awards, and funds available.

Application deadlines =

  • March 15 for awards funded by September 1
  • September 15 for awards funded by March 1

In order to help expedite the process, please complete the CAP application online.



PO BOX 1413

Corona, CA 92878

Or by email to


UTN is a 501(c)3 nonprofit charity and donations are tax deductible.

TAX ID: 47-7217609

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