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Urban Arts Education & Outreach Program


Urban Teachers Network (UTN) offers a comprehensive Urban Arts Education and Outreach program to benefit the youth of your school/center. Through Hip Hop culture, UTN strives to inspire young people to get involved in positive self expression, social action, civic service, and cultural creativity. Our urban arts education and outreach program offers the following components:


  1. Hip Hop History.  Qualified educators offer classes and workshops on Hip Hop history as well as the social and political importance of hip hop to youth of color and urban communities.


  1. Media Studies.   Qualified educators offer classes on critical media analyses (media literacy), specifically analyzing images of people of color and women in media and the hip hop industry. In analyzing media carefully, educators teach youth to be more critical consumers and producers of media.


  1. Performances and Interactive Workshops – Hip Hop Elements.  UTN artists perform shows for youth as well as offer instructive workshops in various hip hop elements (emceeing/rapping, poetry, deejaying, graffiti art, and break-dancing).  Through   artistic   expressions,   youth   will   learn   to   express   themselves   creatively  and constructively through positive outlets.


  1.  Community Activism.  UTN  educators  serve  as  mentors  to  youth  promoting  community  activism  and involvement in social and political issues affecting their lives.


  1. Urban Teachers Network –  Resource Sharing. UTN serves to organize and support all educators of youth in urban communities by creating a centralized space to share ideas, curriculum, and program information with one another. Facebook page: URBAN TEACHERS NETWORK


We look forward to working with you to reach and teach youth in need of mentoring through an arts education program relevant to their lives. Thank you for your attention and consideration of our program.


Tina Wright, Ph.D.

Urban Teachers Network, Trustee utn.trust@gmail.com


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