360 Questionnaire (hypotheticals)

360 Questionnaire #1(hypotheticals)

(Circle one) If you had to choose one, which would you rather be:

A. Spiritually bankrupt
B. Morally bankrupt
C. Intellectually bankrupt
D. Materially bankrupt

2. (Circle one) If you had to choose just one, which would you never want to be:
A. Spiritually bankrupt
B. Morally bankrupt
C. Intellectually bankrupt
D. Materially bankrupt

3. (Circle one) If you had to choose one, which do you think is the best approach to our peoples’ liberation (as personally defined)?

A. Speaking truth to power in college classrooms and teaching students about the ills of systems of injustice (capitalism, racism, patriarchy etc.) even in spaces that perpetuate said systems.

B. Being an organizer that works in communities to increase awareness and political engagement even if much of work is done primarily with other activists and organizers.

C. Running a community based organization that provides specific social services (ex. Group home, shelters, rehab, etc.)

D. Supporting your family (job, hustle, whatever) to provide material needs (food) and spending time you are not at work doing recreational activities you enjoy in spaces of your choice with loved ones  (ex. sports activities, travel, beach, concerts, neighborhood block party, bonding, playing cards, watching kids play and dance, etc.).

E. Other. Describe: If someone were to answer “so what” to each of the following statements, how would you reply to that person.

  • Life’s not fair
  • Fascists rule.
  • Human actions are killing the planet (unsustainable).
  • Human inaction is killing the planet (unsustainable)
  • Jobs are dead
  • Poverty kills.

If you knew you would take your last breath on this earth after answering this question…

  • What would you have enjoyed most about your life?
  • What if anything would you regret about your life?


360 Questionnaire #2

1. African Americans are less than 1% of the global population. What does that mean for our community’s liberation in the U.S.?
2. Does one’s experience make ethnocentrism unavoidable?
3. In 50 years, will the following still exist?
C. NCAA Football
D. NCAA Basketball
E. FIFA Soccer
*Please explain why you think they will exist/not exist in 50 years. I
f you think they will still exist, please imagine
how similar or different they will be to their present structures.
3. Do you have an EXIT STRATEGY to leave the U.S. if the need arises?


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